Alex – Director, Developer, Coffee Maker

With a formal background in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Economics, I have worked in none of those areas, instead creating websites since building my first at the end of the last millenium. I started Lightnest in 2011 after a 5 year stint as an IT Manager, and now spend most of my time trying to keep the fantastic team at Lightnest caffeinated, fed, and happy. I enjoy the process of constant refinement which comes from running a small business, and perpetually tweaking what we do to provide the best product we can.

Jen – Account Manager

Jen joined us in 2014 and has bought a heap of experience from the corporate sector running massive accounts and managing client relationships across the country. Her passion for awesome customer service and her commitment to helping our clients meet their business objectives has allowed us to grow and take on more clients across various sectors

Emma – Search Engine Optimisation

As a passionately creative individual, I have always been drawn to marketing. I love that it’s possible to completely transform a business with creative input and fresh ideas. SEO is just another facet of marketing, and by utilising creative techniques and unique copywriting I am able to have a positive impact on a website’s ranking. With this passion comes long hours sat in front of a computer screen, which is why I enjoy unwinding in the great outdoors, by walking the dog or taking to the hills on my mountain bike!

Martin – Data Entry, Testing

I have a background in Mathematics and over the years I have worked as a Research Mathematician (when computers were the size of a wardrobe) and taught Information Technology to Businesses (when computers were the size of a suitcase).  Over the last 10 years I have created and run successful internet e-commerce businesses. My interest is in making websites easier to use, clearer, more logical and to eradicate the trivial errors that too often blight them. I now live in a Serbia, where I am building a house from locally grown wood, learning the language and customs and how to make the local plum brandy.


We work with a few different designers depending on the requirements of the job, ensuring that the designer fits the brief.

Specialist Developers

From time to time it makes sense to bring in an expert for a particularly unusual or nuanced task within a larger project. We have different specialists with whom we have worked for years in the areas where we find there might be a need from time to time.