The “update” update

If you’ve logged into the admin side of your site recently, chances are you saw a notice that a newer version or critical update of the framework you’re using is…

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I have a website, therefore I am

The decision to invest in a website is one which faces all businesses sooner or later. For some the decision is straight-forward; if you already sell remotely and ship to…

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New Year – new look?

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”   Winston Churchill Summer is officially over and typically our thoughts turn towards the end of this year and…

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SEO Jargon Buster

When it comes to SEO, there’s no shortage of acronyms and techspeak to get to grips with. However, if you want to understand more about SEO and what your SEO…

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Big Brains for Small Businesses

The inaugural meeting of the Big Brains for Small Business group at DreamBagsJaguarShoes bar in Shoreditch last night was a welcome meeting of minds focussed on the specific challenges faced…

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Manually moving a Magento site to a new server via linux command line

Moving a Magento site needn’t be a pain in the proverbial, and a simple manual checklist can be helpful… And what do you know, here’s one method for moving a…

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Magento en_GB United Kingdom Language Pack

For reasons best known to themselves, the fine folks who look after and create the wonderful Magento framework, no longer offer the Magento United Kingdom language pack. Therefore, for those of…

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Future Proof Design

It’s no longer enough to design and build a cool looking, informative website. With today’s enormous variety of devices for surfing the web, you need to make sure your company...
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Lightnest; playing nicely with Google Algorithm Updates

March 2013; a dark month for many website owners, when a black, panda-shaped cloud appeared on the horizon. Google Algorithm Update time! These frequent, but not regular, updates unveiled by...
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We’re agile with our development

Sometimes customers come to us and talk definitively about what they want their website to do. They seem very sure – provide us with an enormously low level brief and…

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