Creating an eye-catching, informative and generally all-round amazing website isn’t much good if nobody ever sees it…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method of optimising a website so that it appears higher in a Google search.

What do we actually do?

Content is king! Our SEO specialist started her career as a copywriter, which means that she is able to create unique and interesting content which is appropriate for your industry. Your campaign may then include on-site changes, regular blog posts, guest blog posts, press releases and social media updates using this content.

‘White Hat’ (noun)
Used in reference to a good or moral person, especially the hero in a film, novel, or play.

Why use us?

Our SEO campaigns are all white-hat. A number of sneaky SEO specialists use black-hat techniques in an attempt to trick Google into placing their site higher in search results. Regular Google updates ensure such practices are discovered and the website involved penalised or even not listed in search results anymore at all.
As we only use white-hat techniques, our results are safe-guarded for the future.

Still confused?

Let us shed some light on the matter! We’ll take a look at your website and let you know how we can help your company rank higher in a Google search.