Your website is, after all, a direct reflection of your company.

We believe that you should never underestimate the importance of the perfectly designed website. People don’t tend to use websites they find illogical, difficult to navigate or unclear. A customer’s quick judgement on your website appearance and usability could make or break the success of your online business.

How do we design websites?

There are three main steps to the process – but we’ll keep in touch with you all the way. From sketches to the final layout design, we curate aspects of usability and user experience for better functioning websites.

  • To begin, you will have a consultation with our designer about your websites functionality including your preferences for look and feel. If you have specific features such as search, our designer will incorporate these into the skeleton layout – then we’re ready to show you our vision.
  • When we’ve listened to and incorporated your feedback, we can then take these initial building blocks and start to develop your unique website.
  • Working with your branding and organisational values, we will produce a clear user interface helping to improve the way your company is communicating with your clients by reflecting your branding values.
Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious
and adding the meaningful.
John Maeda The Laws of Simplicity

Website Re-design

If you have an existing website which is outdated, dysfunctional or just a bit boring we can re-design it for you with functionality, organisational values and your unique branding in mind. Ensuring that you attract the right customers, giving you a better position online to make it a successful business.

We can provide also single web graphics, icons, microsites or landpages. Creating responsive website layouts for any kind of use.